Enabling organizational performance through efficient project, program and portfolio management

Books, articles and other publications

Throughout our engagements we accumulated tremendous experience and it seems just fair to give it back to the community.


Articles :

Conference keynotes and track sessions

Tailored to audiences of 1000's or 10's, these sessions provide a powerful message in an entertaining fashion that makes an hour feel like minutes!

All sessions are available in lecture style (60 minutes) and interactive format (90 minutes).

On-demand webinars and session recordings

Links to recordings of past live sessions or webinars.

Hands-on practical  workshops

These half- or full-day sessions combine multiple instructional methods to ensure that participants can apply next day what they learned in the class.

Executive and practitioner training

Combining traditional instruction with hands-on exercises and simulations, these 1 or 2 days training sessions provide you all the knowledge you need in the least amount of time.


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