Enabling organizational performance through efficient project, program and portfolio management

Project Management Office – setup & improvement

Setting up a PMO is the first step in ensuring consistency across all projects, programmes and portfolios in the organization. But Gartner research indicates that over 50% of PMO setup initiatives fail!

There are many pitfalls in the process, and an expert guide will help you avoid them. And as any performance engine, the PMO will also require periodic tune-ups to reach maximum efficiency!

Project Management standards and methodology

Reinventing the wheel is never an efficient use of resources - defining and adhering to modern standards (e.g. ISO 21500:2012) and flexible, custom-tailored methodologies allows to balance the need for rigor and effectiveness.

Our internationally recognized experts will help you get where you want to be in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost!

Process improvement andoptimization

When times are good, even less efficient processes will eventually produce desired results with acceptable waste. But in a cash and resources constrained environment, every percent of efficiency improvement could be the difference between prosperity and closing the doors.

Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, ITIL/ITSM - we know them all can help to chose what's right for you!

Organizational reengineering

The answers to increase efficiency are inside your organization – we will never know your business as you do, but we know what questions to ask and how to dig to find the answers.

Even if the issues seem unique from your perspective, it’s very likely that we’ve seen them elsewhere already and we can guide you safely through the minefield.

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